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The HomeFix Process



With a few simple clicks install our TeamViewer remote support software on your system.

This allows you to give us temporary access to your computer whenever you require support.


Initial Service

We carry out a professional complete system service, ensuring that your system is bug free and has all of the latest updates.





Unlimited Support

All done! Your system is covered by our HomeFix service.

Servicing, technical support and general guidance: We are here to help as often as you need it.

What is the initial service?

Security Check-up

We run a suite of programs designed to root out any malicious software or applications that might be running on your system, and remove them comepletely.


We will install all the latest security updates and apply any necessary software patches, these often go overlooked by users and without them the system can be vulnerable to exploits


We will perform a series of system optimizations and tune-ups that will ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. This includes repairing corrupt Windows system files and installing all of the latest driver updates,.

We will also perform a disk clean-up to remove unnecessary old system files.

Fault Fixing

If any problems are discovered during the service process, we will provide a solution.

If any hardware is deemed to be faulty we will provide a quote for the cost of necessary parts.

There is no additional labour charge for fitting or installation as this is covered under your HomeFix plan.

How can I use unlimited support?

Technical Support

If you are having a technical issue, simply call us and instantly connect up with one of our expert technicians to let them resolve it for you.

General Guidance

Something popped up on screen and you aren't sure what to click?

Trying to perform a task and you aren't sure how to do it?

Let us connect up with you and guide you through it. You'll learn as we go thanks to the benefits of screen sharing!

System Servicing

If your system feels like it has started to run sluggishly, it may be that it's in need of another service.

No need to take it in to the repair shop, we will run a full service remotely and bring your system back up to speed.

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